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The Digital Reformation is upon us, and it's changing the way Churches do ministry. Unfortunately, Many Church Leaders are afraid and overwhelmed by the challenges inflicted by Digital Disruption. The purpose of this podcast is to help your church innovate. But to do that, you can't continue to do what you have always done. You need new ideas and creative approaches to rethink and redesign the past methods. And I am here to present out-of-the-box “aha!” moments so that you can apply them to your unique context. Get Ready for a fresh perspective to effectively accomplish your mission!
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Chestly Lunday is highly regarded as an international speaker, coach, and consultant helping people defeat futility in life and the workplace. Having given over 1000 unique presentations, he has worked with denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention, The Assemblies of God, the Christian Reformed Church, and The Reformed Church in America as well as multiple businesses. Chestly has over a decade of developing leaders from all walks of life. Chestly is on the cutting edge of innovation in the religious non-profit sector, co-founding Digital Church Network, training and connecting Digital Church leaders all around the world. Chestly’s insights help leaders facing the prospect of irrelevance in their ministries by helping them build a cohesive strategy around digital community and discipleship.

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