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“Chestly Lunday is a clear prophetic voice in a day of uncertainty. He speaks with passion, vision, conviction and clarity. His unique style, and timely content speak directly to the issues before us today.”


“Chestly carries a great balanced source of wisdom for church leaders and also a forerunner in the digital church experience. excited to learn more from him!”

Michael DeJong

“Chestly has a specific framework on how he speaks that ensures the audience has a specific take-away and walks away fired up as well from his passionate delivery. I would highly recommend Chestly as a speaker for your event.”

Steven Burkhart

About Chestly

Chestly Lunday is an expert in Innovative Leadership. Highly regarded as an international speaker, coach, and consultant, he helps churches and companies lead in the digital age. Chestly has given over a thousand presentations in 7 countries to over 100,000 people and has been invited to speak at the Leadership Network, World Class Business Leaders, Exponential, and Reformed Church in America, as well as multiple other denominations, churches, and businesses. A military veteran with 15 years of ministry and business experience in every part of the church and as a business owner, Chestly has developed a discernment of where churches and organizations have the ability to grow and thrive in the midst of the confusion and chaos of digital disruption. Chestly is on the cutting edge of innovation in the religious non-profit sector, Co-founding Digital Church Network, a Global Network of digital ministry leaders disrupting religious institutions.

Chestly Only Accepts 50 Invitations to speak each year. Extend an invite here.

Speaking Topics

Viral Impact

The New Rules To Lead In The Digital Age

The greatest reward for leaders is the impact they have on the lives they lead. In the digital age, leaders have the opportunity for far greater reach and significance in their ability to impact their organizations, their teams, and their relationships.

Digital Disruption has changed the old rules of Leadership causing a massive shift in what effective leadership looks like in the 21st century. If we want to lead successful teams and create a positive culture that is disruption proof we must implement new rules for leading in the Digital Age.

Most leaders were trained to lead in a world that no longer exists. The dangerous truth is that the Digital Age magnifies impact, and if you play by the old rules you won't have less impact, you will have a negative one.

You will have an impact, it will go viral, It's your choice: what kind of impact will it be?

5 Reasons You Should Book Chestly Lunday as Your Next Leadership Speaker

His Presentations are:



Your audience will be challenged. Chestly provides fresh original concepts that they have never heard before that they can immediately apply to their daily life. He will present eloquent and precise ideas that are rooted in deep data-driven expertise and knowledgeable actual experience that will expand the thinking and competence of your audience. Furthermore, he will relay this message in a refreshingly transparent style that will allow people to have a truthful look at their challenge and how to overcome it.


Your Audience will be motivated. Chestly introduces principles and frameworks that are truly useful. He will create a distinct energy that your audience has never experienced before and he will begin conversations that will far outlast his tie are your event. They will walk out of the room ready to do the hard work that is necessary to succeed.


Your Audience will be activated. Chestly has a distinct ability to call people to action. He will leave them feeling reinvigorated to execute on what needs to be done. You will hear people walking out what they learned… and talking the walk…long after Chestly is gone.


Your audience will be refreshed. Chestly has a unique approach to bring seemingly unrelated ideas and connect the dots to distill concepts down to what is only relevant for you and your audience. He will spend time learning about your organization beforehand and will incorporate elements that show how he was a hand selected part of your team. Plus Chestly and his team are experience, drama-free and super easy to work with.


Your audience will be captivated. Chestly has a bold and energetic style that incorporates compelling stories with insightful content. Plus, he is (surprisingly) funny and engaging. He connects with the audience in a way that not only educates but is pleasant to listen to.
Chestly Only Accepts 50 Invitations to speak each year. Extend an invite here.